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Who Are We?

We're a group of professionals (vets, animal experts, dietitians, etc.) with years of experience in the pet industry. We're here to guide pet owners on how to improve their pet's living conditions and overall health. That includes everything from specific breed care, diet, and nutrition to exercise and general wellness.

So whether you're trying to figure out what food is best for your pet or concerned about a health issue, we can help!

We offer practical and helpful advice backed by research and science. Our team is passionate about providing the best information to pet owners who want to make informed decisions regarding caring for or training their pets. Common topics include breed details, nutrition, health & safety, equipment and accessories, and pet behavior.

Know More About Our Veterinary Review Board

We take our pet care advisory very seriously because we care for your pets like ours. Here is our veterinary review board. They work vigilantly to ensure that all pet-care advice you receive is authentic, legitimate, and beneficial for the well-being of your pets.

Dr. Emily Lark

Dr. Emily Lark

Veterinarian (DVM)

Dr. Emily is an expert in the field of animal behavior, with over 17 years of experience working closely alongside many different types of animals. As our in-house veterinarian, she's more than happy to share her knowledge with all pet owners, helping them keep their pets happy and active.

Dr. Luca Nolan

Dr. Luca Nolan

Veterinarian (DVM)

Dr. Luca is an experienced veterinarian who has been providing professional consultations to pet owners regarding pet health and behavior for six years. He works at a local clinic and writes for our readers to educate them regarding pet health and wellbeing through our platform.

Our Editorial Team

Providing medically sound information that is easy for our readers to comprehend is the main goal of our editorial process. Following are some of the credible authors from our writing team.

Harper Jefcoat
Harper Jefcoat

Chief Marketing Researcher & Pet Educator

Barbara Perez
Barbara Perez

Lead Pet Expert & Avid Animal Advocate

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Your Pet Our Passion - Our Goals!

Tails are wagging, and pets are bragging because they are receiving the finest care from their pet owners who are reading from our website. We:

  • Help you provide the best life to the animals around you.
  • Assist you in pet parenting by providing useful information from experts and scientific research according to your specific pet breed.
  • Answer queries related to pet health, behavior, nutrition, accessories, etc.
  • Write content with updated research and interventions in the field of animal science.
  • Solve your pet problems whenever you are stuck.
  • Help you find the best gear and accessories for your pets whenever needed.
  • Support you in keeping your pets healthy and active.
  • Assist you before and during pet training to make it easier for you.
  • Motivate you to become the best parent and take care of your beloved pets knowledgeably.
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We are here for the love of pets. We would like you to go through our research-backed and expert-approved content to make sure your pets bark less and wag more!

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ThePetWorld.orgĀ  is dedicated to offering information and education about pets but does not offer veterinary advice. Our content should not be considered as an alternative to professional veterinary consultation.

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