Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog, originating from the Anatolian region of Turkey, is a steadfast and reliable guardian breed with a history spanning thousands of years. Renowned for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective instincts, Anatolian Shepherds have long been valued for their role in safeguarding livestock from predators. With a robust physique and an unwavering dedication to their duties, these dogs exemplify the essence of a true working companion.

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Breed GroupBreed Group

Working Group

Breed HeightHeight

28-30 inches

Breed WeightWeight

88-150 lbs

Breed Life spanLife Span

11-13 years

Breed CostAverage Cost


Breed ColorsColors

Fawn, Brindle, Biscuit, White, or Pinto

Breed UKC GroupUKC Group

Guardian Dog

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Explore the characteristics of this breed and its training, health, and grooming needs to find out if it’ll make the right pet for you:

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Key Takeaways

Historical Significance: Anatolian Shepherds have a rich history as livestock guardians originating from Turkey, where they have been protecting sheep and goats for thousands of years.

Distinct Characteristics: These dogs possess a unique combination of traits, including agility, loyalty, and a reserved demeanor, making them highly effective guardians.

Physical Appearance: Anatolian Shepherds are large and robust dogs with striking features, such as a broad head, strong muzzle, and alert almond-shaped eyes.

Temperament: Known for their protectiveness and loyalty, Anatolian Shepherds require patient training and socialization to become well-mannered companions.

Health Considerations: Like all breeds, Anatolian Shepherds are prone to certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism, emphasizing the importance of regular vet check-ups and proper care.

Care and Grooming: While they have relatively low grooming needs, Anatolian Shepherds require regular maintenance tasks, including brushing, nail trimming, and dental care, to ensure their overall well-being.

Best For: Anatolian Shepherds excel as livestock guardians and thrive in active households with space to roam and engage in fulfilling activities, making them ideal companions for farmers, ranchers, and active families alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

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