The Akbash, a breed of timeless elegance and steadfast loyalty, hails from the vast plains and mountains of western Turkey. Recognized for its majestic white coat and commanding presence, the Akbash has become an ambassador of strength and gentleness. The Akbash has roots deeply embedded in its historical role. Its historical role is as a guardian of flocks. The breed showcases a unique blend of guardian instincts. It also exhibits a gentle spirit.

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Breed GroupBreed Group


Breed HeightHeight

27 to 34 inches

Breed WeightWeight

75 to 140 lbs

Breed Life spanLife Span

10-12 years

Breed CostAverage Cost


Breed ColorsColors


Breed UKC GroupUKC Group

Guardian Dog Group

All About Breed

Let’s explore the history, care, and unique characteristics that make the Akbash a standout among dog breeds.

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Pet Ratings

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Exercise Needs

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Key Takeaways

Guardian Instinct: The Akbash is renowned for its strong guardian instinct, making it an exceptional protector for both livestock and families.

Independent Thinkers: Akbash dogs are not only physically strong but also showcase independent thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Surprising Agility: Despite their large size, Akbash dogs surprise with their agility and speed, making them versatile in various environments.

Adaptability: With a balanced temperament and intelligence, the Akbash adapts well to various roles, including family protector and livestock guardian.

Gentle Nature: Akbash dogs, despite their imposing size, exhibit a gentle and calm nature, making them well-suited for composed companionship. Additionally, their lower energy levels contribute to their calm and easygoing demeanor.

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