Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

Meet the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix, a charming blend of the Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever breeds. These dogs are smart, loyal, and affectionate, making them great companions for families and active individuals. With their sturdy build and energetic nature, they enjoy plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Whether it's playing fetch in the backyard or going for a hike, Aussiedors thrive in environments where they can stay active and bond with their humans.

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Breed GroupBreed Group

Mixed Breed

Breed HeightHeight

18 to 25 inches

Breed WeightWeight

50 to 80 pounds

Breed Life spanLife Span

10 to 14 years

Breed CostAverage Cost

$500 to $1,500

Breed ColorsColors

Black, Brown, Blue, Red, and Merle

Breed UKC GroupUKC Group

Not Recognized

All About Breed

Read about the Aussie Lab Mix's characteristics, personality, health, and grooming needs to see if it's the perfect pet choice for you:

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Key Takeaways

Breed Overview: The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix, or Aussiedor, blends the intelligence and loyalty of the Australian Shepherd with the friendly nature of the Labrador Retriever.

History and Origin: Bred for versatility, Aussiedors excel as working dogs and cherished family pets.

Personality and Temperament: Aussiedors are intelligent, loyal, and affectionate companions, thriving in active households.

Physical Characteristics: These dogs have sturdy builds, expressive eyes, and varied coat colors.

Health Considerations: While generally healthy, Aussiedors may be prone to inherited conditions like hip dysplasia and cataracts.

Rescue Groups and Breeders: Consider adoption from rescue groups or purchasing from reputable breeders specialized in hybrid breeds.

Best For: Active individuals and families seeking a smart, loyal, and adventurous companion.

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