Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a loyal and energetic breed from Belgium, often mistaken for German Shepherds but smaller with shorter coats. One of four Belgian Shepherd types, they need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Activities like walks, playtime, and dog sports are ideal. While they can adapt to apartment living with enough activity, they thrive with a job to do. Potential owners should consider their high energy levels and need for stimulation.

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Breed GroupBreed Group


Breed HeightHeight

22-26 Inches

Breed WeightWeight

40-80 lbs

Breed Life spanLife Span

14-16 Years

Breed CostAverage Cost

$300- $2500

Breed ColorsColors

Fawn, Black and Mahogany

Breed UKC GroupUKC Group

Not Recognized

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Pet Ratings

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Health and Grooming Needs

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Exercise Needs

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Key Takeaways

Guardian Instinct: Belgian Malinois are known for their strong guardian instinct. They also have a high prey drive, making them exceptional protectors for both families and properties.

Independent Thinkers: Belgian Malinois are not only physically strong but also exhibit independent thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Surprising Agility: Despite their medium size, Belgian Malinois were surprised with their agility tracking, and speed. It makes them versatile in various tasks and environments.

Adaptability: Belgian Malinois have a balanced temperament and high intelligence. They adapt well to various roles. This includes an active lifestyle, where they can thrive and excel.

Gentle Nature: Belgian Malinois, along with Belgian Tervurens, exhibit a gentle and calm nature. Despite their impressive working abilities, they are well-suited for composed companionship. Additionally, their moderate energy levels contribute to their calm and easygoing behavior.

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